Coming from a family of creative thinkers, journalists and successful businessmen, I was surrounded by people who had great belief in what they did.

One of my uncle’s started a company that became a worldwide influence on the financial industry. Other uncles became successful journalists, authors and artists.

Growing up in that environment and meeting some of Ireland’s great entrepreneurs such as Tony Ryan (Aviation Leasing and Ryanair), Tony O’Reilly (Heinz and Media) and Michael Smurfit (Paper-based packaging) gave me the mindset to be an entrepreneur.

Their influence gave me the confidence to be able to solve issues and be a decision maker. However, I became a journalist across all forms of media for 35 years which allowed me to do my creative thinking.

Travelling the world, meeting and interviewing some great world leaders, media and sports stars allowed me into their world, I could see the same traits that made them successful.

The people I enjoyed interviewing most were CEO’s of large companies, Muhtar Kent, then CEO of Coca Cola was a particular highlight.

With the Media industry changing, I took the decision to start my own companies. One of these,, an Overseas Education Consultancy has allowed me to meet many entrepreneurs and business people in India.

Many of those entrepreneurs and business people ask me, Can I invest in Ireland? So I created One Click Consultancy to answer the question and provide a pathway to investing in Ireland.

In essence, I made a decision to solve an issue. We can all work together to Invest in Ireland which leads to job creation and company growth.